Looking for a new home can be very exciting! Whether you’re moving for the first time or the fifth time, there is always something special about viewing houses that could be your potential new home. Sometimes, you may find yourself getting so caught up in the excitement of viewing a house, you can forget to think logically. Being estate agents, we understand just how easy that is to do, which is why we’ve created this helpful list of things to consider when viewing a property.

What is the area like?

This is massively important if you are moving into a completely new area, where you may not have a good indication of what the local neighbourhood is like. The further you’re moving the more important it is to research your new neighbourhood. However nice your new home, failing to do this can result in disappointment, you may have just moved into a neighbourhood that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. It’s just as important you enjoy the area as much as the property itself.

What are your deal breakers?

Thinking about this before you view a new property can really help you understand exactly what you are looking for in your new home. This should also prevent you from overlooking any issues, and you can use your deal breakers as a tick list for the property.

Don't judge a room by its cover.

While it may be incredibly easy to be put off by a day glow yellow room, try to see past any paint jobs that you disagree with and try to focus on the structure of the property and the rooms. It’s much easier to change the colour of a room than the foundations - try and keep this in mind when viewing properties.

How many other houses are up for sale on the same street?

This is definitely something to consider, if there are a number of homes up for sale within the same street that your potential new property is situated, ask yourself why? It could just be that you’re buying into a new development but it could be an issue with the location.

Can you test the plumbing?

Turn on taps to see how quickly it takes for the hot water to run, and it will also give you a good indication of how strong the water pressure is. Also, while you’re having a look round the bathroom it may be worth looking for a shaver socket.

Keep an eye out for any potential damp or mould, some key indicators include a musty smell, bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper and dark residue on the walls

Put yourself in the seller's shoes.

This can be a little bit tricky, especially when you are filled with excitement at the thought of finding your dream home, but if you can, it is best to leave all emotions at the door. Try and put yourself in the seller's shoes, think about why they could potentially be selling the house, doing this should allow you to look at the property in a more neutral way.

Test everything you can.

Testing as much as you can and keeping a mental note of it is a great idea, whether it is the lights, plugs or even if the doors close properly, you really can’t be thorough enough when looking for your new home - test everything you can.

Take a friend, or a camera.

This kind of ties in with what we have already said, but taking a friend or a camera with you to view a house can be a great idea. The friend will be able to give you their unbiased opinion on the house, and a camera can be incredibly handy, take a picture of all the rooms or anything that grabs your attention and then you can look back on things you may have missed the first time.

Check the outside of the property.

You're not only purchasing a property because of what it looks like on the inside, first impressions have a huge part to play in your overall feeling towards the property. The outside is equally as important as the inside, so don’t forget to give it a good inspection.

What work would you need doing?

Ask yourself, if you were to buy this property today, what work would I need to do to it? This is a great question to ask yourself as it often puts things into perspective, some people won’t be put off by a long to do list, while others might be. So it really depends on how much time and money you want to invest into the property after you have purchased it.

We’d love to show you around a property or two! If you see anything that you’re interested in on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a viewing.

Thanks for reading!